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30th Jan 2022

Organiser Contact

Rik Vercoe
Address: Felcott Rd, Hersham, Walton-on-Thames KT12 5NS, UK
Tel: Landline: 07949273732
Link / Email:

Further information

HERCULES Labour SixrnOn our usual January weekend in Essex we'll be back with the next in our Hercules Series and so on Sunday 30th January 2022 we're inviting you to come and join us for the next event in our HECULES Series - labour number six.rnrnOur HERCULES events are a series of twelve running events or 'labours' for you to complete across 2020 and 2021. Each one is an awesome running event in its own right with its own awesome medal, so you can choose to complete one, two, three or perhaps all of them!rnrnPlaces will be strictly limited so don't leave it too late to enter.rnrnTimed Event - Minimum distance is 3.28 miles or as far as you can go in 6 hours. Off road trail and waterside towpath. The overall course has almost no elevation gain / loss.

Where and When

Venue: Redricks Lane, Hertfordshire, CM21 0RL, England
Date: 30th Jan 2022
Time: 08:30
Cost: Affiliated Fee: 37.95. Unaffiliated Fee: 39.95.

Course details

Extent: 26.2 Miles
Admits: Runners and Walkers
Course: 8 Laps
Silhouette: Metres climb
Underfoot: Canal and riverside towpath alongside the River Stort the route is a 3.28 mile loop on a flat course.
Navigation: Navigation – Easy, well signposted