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British Trail Running Championships

As the Trail Running Association represents Trail Running in association with UK Athletics, the TRA promotes and organises the British Trail Running Championships.

The official title of the Championships changed in December 2019 to align with UKA and BA's competition naming convention from UK Trail Running Championships to British Trail Running Championships.

Grants are available to the first male and female runners in each of the championship races who are TRA members at the time of the event.  More information on Championship Grants is available here.

Note: No more than one British Trail Running Championship medal is awarded per runner.  The first three men and women receive medals in the open category, other medals are awarded according to age. Gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded when there are 8 or more runners in a category.  Gold and silver medals are awarded when there are between 4 and 7 runners.


British Trial Running Championships by Year

British Trail Running Championships 2020

UK Trail Running Championships 2019

UK Trail Running Championships 2018

UK Trail Running Championships 2017

UK Trail Running Championships 2016

UK Trail Running Championships 2015

UK Trail Running Championships 2014

UK Trail Running Championships 2013


British Trail Running Championship events in 2020

Short Distance: Forest of Dean Spring Trail Half Marathon, 29 March 2020 - Forest of Dean Spring Trails Half Marathon

Middle Distance: Championship not held.

Ultra Distance: Ridgeway Challenge, 29th through 30th August 2020 -

British Trail Running Championship events in 2021

The TRA Committee met in November 2020 and discussed the Championships amid the Covid pandemic.  With uncertainty around the lockdowns, regional lockdowns and tiers the committee thought best to hold the next championships in 2022.  By missing the Championships in 2021 time will be given for event organisers to adjust to their events increasing the certainty that all three Championships will go ahead with a known and publicised format.

The TRA understand that this is disappointing for entrants and event organisers however the TRA Committee see little value and fairness in having less than a full complement of championship events.  The TRA will confirm the 2022 Championship events within 2021.